Genetic Sport and Fitness Tests: A First Step to Becoming Fit

Genetic Sport and Fitness Tests: A First Step to Becoming Fit

There’s more to genetics than our mere looks. Just as they help us learn if there are any diseases our bodies are at risk of developing and happen to be the biological reason behind why we look the way we look, they also contribute to our everyday lifestyle a lot more than we may realise.

Our genes can easily determine which food is most ideal for each body and also how a body is likely to react to the different kinds of sports. For example, someone may be better at exercises that require high cardiovascular fitness levels, while another may be more likely to do better at strength-based exercises and sports than in, say, running or swimming. Although many factors may contribute to one’s fitness level or performance at sports, our genes remain one aspect that cannot be overlooked.

What is a sports and fitness DNA test?

A DNA sport and fitness test that determines how your tendons, ligaments, and cartilage, which make up the tissues that form the joints connecting the bones, can handle the different types of exercise. Our genes equally determine how much cardiovascular effort your body can endure.

Where can I do a sports and fitness DNA test?

The test can be done by you, from the comfort of your home. You can choose between InGene’s Sports Fitness DNA test kit Sports Premium DNA test kit, or any of InGene’s DNA kits which you can order on the website and have delivered right to your doorstep with a 100% money-back guarantee. And if you require any further assistance, there’s always our 24/7 online support service.

How can a DNA sports and fitness test help me lead a healthier lifestyle?

A sports and fitness DNA test has a variety of different benefits including the following:

    1. Recognizing the most suitable sports for your body
    2. Learning how to best perform other sports that require some adaptability from your body
    3. Learning to avoid any potential injuries, which may result from an ignorance of your body’s composition

Should I play or avoid sports based on my sports and fitness DNA test results?

Some people are known to excel in sports despite their genes predicting otherwise. Although one’s genetics may reveal some weakness when it comes to a certain form of exercise or sport, it’s possible to achieve success in said sport with practice and determination. At the same time, someone’s genes may make it easy for them to achieve success in a particular sport, but without training, someone who has the right genes for the same sport may not rise to the same level as that of someone who doesn’t, but who trains well.

The reason is that genetics is only one of several factors that contribute to one’s fitness level and performance in sports. From dieting to training and personal motivation, it’s important to know that the job of a DNA sport and fitness test is not to tell us what sports we can play and what we cannot. Instead, they give us insight into the genes that make us who we are, which in turn, help us know what to focus on and how to proceed on your journey to your health and fitness goals.

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