Who can benefit from Ingene Teens Test?

  •  Ingene Teen Test is designed for adolescents aged 12 to 18 years’ old
  • The Test helps you to choose the most appropriate sports according to your physical abilities based on his genetic makeup. It helps also to determine the position in the field that most suits his/her body capabilities.
  • The test helps you to know the nutrients that the child is missing the most due to his genetics, for example nutrients missing due to inability of your body to absorb or metabolize it because your body is not able to absorbed it. thus parents can increase such nutrient elements in your diet to avoid various diseases and to ensure proper physical, mental and academic activities.
  • The test helps the coaches to determine the most appropriate exercises that the you should focus on to increase the effectiveness of your athletic performance.

How often should I do Ingene test?

This is the beauty of this test, it is done just ONCE PER LIFETIME


How does it work?

  • Order your test kit from your club or our partner clinics or from our website.
  • Collect the sample by yourself, it is very simple, just a swab from the inner cheek of your child.
  • Our courier will collect the sample from your place or from the club our partner clinics.
  • Your report will be sent to your place or clinic, and you can view a soft copy through your account on our website.
  • The doctors at our partner clinics or at our website will explain the report for you and will use it to design an optimum plan for your child to enhance her/his academic and athletic performance.


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